Reviews about Hondrox

  • Šimon
    I had a sedentary lifestyle and more than a dozen extra pounds. Over time, joint pain developed, from which neither diet nor weight loss helped. The doctor recommended Hondrox. After 2 months of regular use, the pain disappeared.
  • Eva
    I have been using hondrox spray for about 3 months. The medicine helped to remove the signs of arthritis and reduce inflammation.
  • Josef
    Ankle ligaments damaged during exercise. The pain did not go away for several weeks. I read about Hondrox in the fitness forum and decided to buy it. The spray was used according to the instructions. The pain completely disappeared after a week. At the same time, the mobility of the ankle was restored. I continue the course for therapeutic purposes.
  • Jirka
    At the hospital, I was diagnosed with age-related degenerative changes in the joints. Knees and elbows ache for 2 years, I thought nothing would help. The doctor prescribed Hondrox. I use the varnish for about 3 weeks. The pain did not go away completely, but it became easier to move the arms and legs. Elbows look less sore.
  • Lenka
    I work as a hairdresser, constantly on foot. Hondrox spray helped to cope with constant leg pain and muscle cramps. I apply it according to the instructions at the end of the day. The dispenser is very convenient, sprays the product well.
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